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2 min readSep 17, 2022


10 years. 5 years. 1 year. 0 years.

It makes the most sense to focus on today.

But if I only lived today I wouldn’t give a fuck about going after or doing anything. I would get hammered. Do all the drugs. Tell everyone I love them and then die.

The tell everyone I love them thing wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

But this is what I think. I think to live in the present, you gotta go after something in the future.

You have to be chasing something. But that something can be how you will interact in the world in the future.

Having a purpose can be as simple as going after the best version of who you are.

I think back on when I’ve been the happiest. It’s when I was pursuing something and I knew exactly what I was pursuing.

Once you have a aim. Things get a lot better. It’s the questioning of that aim. And the questioning of that goal that makes life worse.

The other thing is if you don’t make any goals. If you don’t get after anything, you’re life will not be in your control.

Your life will be out of your control completely.

Fat. Lazy. Out of shape.

Means poor. Unsatisfactory relationships. And spiteful people around you because you’re living a life that isn’t what you want to be living.

You know who you could be. You know the example you could lead. And you know that if you could you would.

The more you prove yourself right. The more you put in the work.

The better off your present will be.

The more you work towards goals in the future (if they are well intended and going to move you forward in life) the more your present days will be.

Because the work you put in will make your more confident. Make you look better. And give you a better day to day life.

The successful people work hard to get even better every day experiences.

So therefore to be better at being present and to fell happier in the present think more about the consequences of your present actions and how they will impact upon future.

Think more future and less today!!



Your Story

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