So I have been feeling a little funky lately. A little out of it. Questioning what I am doing, where I am at in life, and what I really want to be doing long term.

And every single time I have felt this way I go back to this book right here. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

There are a lot of good points in the book. But the one that message that resonates with me the most is it hard to good do things.

We have a force fighting against us. We have a force that makes it really hard to do what our heart deeply desires. In the book, he calls this force resistance.

It’s crazy but it's true. It is so easy for us to do the easy stuff for fun. Like, go out with friends, watching a TV drama, eating donuts.

But going working on our soul's unique genius that can actually improve the lives around us is so hard. Everyone has thought of starting a school, writing a book, or starting a charity. But very few people actually take the steps to go and do it.

We need to do. We need to do the things that our souls are calling us to do. If we don’t, we sign ourselves for a life of depression and unfulfillment. Dramatic? maybe. True? I believe so.

Every single time I have felt depressed or lost life I have realized it was because I was not sitting down every day to work on the thing that truly is calling me.

You know what you have to do. Resistance will do everything in its power to fight against it. But do it anyway.



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Your Story

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