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2 min readSep 13, 2022


The end.

Some people died in my life recently.

And it makes me sad.

It makes you realize how life short is, but it also makes you realize that the end is coming and it’s inevitable.

I struggle with constant fear and anxiety. But why? Why do i?

I literally have horrific limiting thoughts about my self. What if they think this. What if they found out this. But the reality is that really does matter.

Cause what I think will come to reality.

So changing my mindset = my entire world.

There is a 0% reason to have fear. 0. Nothing. Nada.

So thinking about something else is the most important. It’s pretty much everything.

The choice is all mine. And as long as you do the right thing and trust the world, I really believe things can work out for the better.

Brain plasticity is real. I need to do it for me. I need to be more okay with who I am.

Happiness doesn’t come from money money. Happiness is trying to genuinely help people.

Kobe wanted to be the best ever. That was his goal. Nothing outside of that got in his way. Including thinking about money.

Going after being the best ever was why he made so much money. If he went after making the most money he would have never come close to being the best ever.

There is a reason it’s the pursuit of happiness instead of just happiness in the constitution.

It’s because that’s just it. The persist is what’s fun. When the pursuit becomes more important than the outcome that’s when you win.

When needing to pursue something becomes more important to you than succeeding that’s when you will win.

Go after the thing that lights you up. Pretend everyone makes the same amount of money for every job in America. What would you choose to do when money becomes irrelevant?? And comparison does too??

Life is short. Don’t live in fear. You will never be happy until the pursuit becomes your happiness.

Go after the pursuit.



Your Story

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