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1 min readSep 12, 2022


You can’t have it all.

You can’t be liked by All people. You can’t be SOMEONE who pleases all people. You can’t enjoy what ALL people talk about. You can’t compare yourself to everyone. You can’t want to be like everyone else. You have to choose.

Choose what you like. Choose how to spend your time. Choose what you determine has value. Choose what to see vs what not to see.

You have to choose what you want to present to the world as you.

And you really have to be okay with people not liking that.

Your values are your values because they are yours. You have to speak the truth because it will ultimately help people.

People will like you the more real you are. Doesn’t matter if your mean or say something that might be looker at as wrong.

People WILL never like you if you don’t choose.

People will get the opportunity if you do choose.

To be likable choose few not all!



Your Story

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